Thursday, January 14, 2016

Odivelas is the Place for Me!

I came into Odivelas with a big American bang! Of course now that I have a super cool American flag jump suit I am with a French comp. It makes it that much better!

Hey there yall! this week was crazy! We are working really really hard and doing crazy stuff. My comp is cool. She is going to teach to make real French crepes and I am going to help her make cookies. Vida boa. Life is great! Love the mission. My area is crazy! we are literally opening it like brand new so we have like no investigators still but it is all good we just talk to EVERYONE! I like it ok. It rained ever day this week but the sun came out today! yay! Love you all! thanks for all the support and love!

LOVE always
sister bakker

Good bye Mem Martins!

Mariano making faces at me
Lili, she is the best!  Her mom won't let her get baptized yet, but she is totally going to be a missionary one day!

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