Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Roaring 20's

Scooby Doo Pasta
Hey there folks! Well today in celebration of Sister Alexanders 1 year mark on the mission we are going to the zoo in Lisboa! I am stoked! Like I have been looking forward to this all transfer! ahhhh!!! haha we may be celebrating one other small thing too, but I am in denial demais so ya... I will be 19 years for ever... So sorry for the short message this week I am just too excited to get to the zoo!!!

Thanks for all the bday wishes and all you do for me! I love you guys so much! As I enter into what I like to call my roaring 20´s I am really grateful to have a family like you guys to show me really how to live life to the fullest!! Thanks!!

Love you! Oooh and my advise for the week! If you find a fig tree on the side of the road, don't let the moment pass you by, pause, and eat a fig dang it!!! We did that a few times this week and I am pretty sure I am going to go down in history as that one sister who loves figos.

Boa semana!
Sister Bakker!

fig picking

Monday, August 17, 2015

Scooby Doo Where Are You?


Welp here we are yet again! This week was sooo cool! We went to the Açores! So ya that was sweet! We rocked the island life! Loved it so much! I forgot my camera but I will send pics next week! I love doing divisions with the sisters! It is so cool.

So a lot of people have asked about our investigators. Well We are teaching a few cool people right now. Hugo, he is a 17 year old kid looking for the truth. He is super cool. Also we are teaching this black guy names Carlos. He is like my cool black friend ya know. Haha he is like 18 and has a ton of faith. We are really excited for him! Also we found this lady on saturday named Ester! SHE IS SOOOO COOL!!! she took like an hour long train ride to get to church yesterday and she loved it! She is amazing! Also we just had a new young woman move to the ward so that is so exciting! we needed it! we have 3 now!!! wahoo!!!

So this week while on our division in Angra Sister Alexander and I got a really really important phone call and had to no joke RUN home to take it. So we are running at light speed and had to run up all these stairs to get to the sister apartment there. Well the blessed Sister Alexander was running with ice cream in one hand and a bag of stuff in the other and she totally missed the step and fell super bad. Hahahahaha I am literally laughing while writing this. So anyway she falls and is laying on the ground in spilled ice cream and just looks up and me and laughs and like half cries and goes "owwww" and I just look at her and try not to laugh cause I did not know if she was like REAL hurt or not so I was good and held it back. When I saw she was ok I totally lost it. Then it got worse when she turns over on her knees laughing her little head off and goes "I AM PEEING AND I CANNOT STOP!!!!" hAHAHAHAHAHAHA I died! so I helped her up and she went inside and I just stood there and looked at the mess she made and walked away calmly. She got all cleaned up and I made our phone call. In the end it was all ok! hahaha I LOVE HER!! Her peeing the pants tally is now up to 3 with me! She is going strong!
The sisters have decided that we are shaggy and scooby from scooby doo so ya we are SOOOO COOOOLLLL!! We may have even bought scooby doo shaped noodles this week.
Well that was our week!

Here is my advise of the week, Before you start running please use the bathroom first. Also running with ice cream is like running with scissors. JUST DON'T DO IT!

Love you all!

Just Walking my Goats!

So another week has come and gone! This week was really cool. I got to do yet another division with me trainer Sister Cullimore. So ya that brings us to 8 weeks as comps and 3 divisions. That has to be like a mission record. But I like really really love her so it is all good with me! She goes home on the 24th so that will be sad to see her go. Man time flies! This week was cool! We met a lot of really cool people! And everyone here loves that Sister Alexander are a team. We no joke are the same person. It is like seeing 2 of us walk around the streets of Portugal now. I LOVE IT!!! Haha she is really really great!

So I have 2 stories to share this week. The first comes from the beloved Sister Alexander. We were making our VERY long treck from our area to the chapel when she looks at me and goes "if your bladder fills up to 500 mL you lose contol and cant help but peeing your pants" she then goes "I am at like a 490" So I just start laughing and I look around at the empty field to our right and say "I can try and give you some cover over there in that feild." she was not amused. She was going to make it to the chapel! so we get there and she is like full on running. We get in side and the bathroom is upstairs. So she is just running up these stairs, trips, falls and starts laughing and goes "OH NO ITS HAPPENING!!" Haha and there she was on the floor peeing her pants. She hit 500 folks. poor thing! and even worse I just sat there and laughed at her!

Story number 2. We were sitting on this bench and this nice old man walks by. Gave us a very nice "ola Boa tarde" and just kept on going. Then a few minuets later he came back. And this time he had 2 goats with him. They were really cute and he just walks on by like "hey there meninas don't mind me I`m just walking my goats here" haha it was so awesome. We petted them and loved them and secretly named them Bakker and Alexander. ok ok the first story was better but I hope you liked both.

That is just a small taste of me life right now! Everything here is great! I love it here so much! We are off to the Açores tomorrow to do divisions with the sister there for 3 days! Wish us luck! Love you all! Hope all is well with you!

Beijinhos (little kisses)
Sister Bakker
Random festival in the street
S Bakker & S Cullimore

It's a Knife!

So I don't have a ton of time but I will share a great story with you all!

So we were exiting our favorite tunnel that we walk through all the time on our way to a lesson yesterday and this drunk guy stops us (not unusual) and he mumbles a bunch of stuff that we did not understand (don,t think it was Portuguese). Then he goes OLHA and pulls out a weird thing. Well we both think, holy crap it is a knife!!!! And we are like freaking out! Then he looks at me and asks "podes cantar?" and I am like what the?! and then he lifts up the unknown object and starts blowing on it. Well turns out it was a very strange looking harmonica! And he sang us a love song! haha well after he confessed his love for us and told us to continue with God on our side we left. It was super funny!!

Our week was good and I love you all! Don't worry we are being crazy safe and life is great here!!!! Have a great week!

Love Sister Bakker!!!

Rapping in the Road

So this week was so great!! Sister Alexander and I are loving life here! She is so cool! We are two peas in a pod! We are so excited about this transfer!!! This week was one of miracles for sure!! Every time I blinked it felt like another miracle was hitting us in the face! It was awesome! We would get home every night, plan and then like literally die of tiredness. IT IS SO GREAT!!! We are getting stoked to do our divisions this transfer again! We are going to divisions with all the same sisters and all the same areas so that is going to be cool! I am really really excited!

So I will tell you all a story now. We were walking with this guy and teaching with him. He is really big and really black and we call him gui. well he is like our body guard. So we are walking down this road and he goes "someone give me a beat I am going to rap now." and then Sister and I start giving him our best white girl beat box we have and he goes "yo, just walkin down the street, feeling the spirt, yaaa." hahahahaha and all in English!! It was the funnest thing I think I have ever seen on my mission! It was so awesome! haha

I like don't even have words for how much fun I am having and how strong I am feeling the spirit here! Time is really flying by! I cannot believe that I am in my 7th transfer now. like what the heck!?!?! I got called old the other day. That was really sad. Never thought that I would be seen as an old person on the mission! Good thing that in my brain I am never going home so ya take that all these people that are sayin that 10 months is old. VIDA BOA!!!

Well I don't really have a lot to say this week! stay cool world! love you all!

Sister Bakker!