Monday, March 28, 2016

I See A Light

The church is true.
The book is blue.
See you in 2 (days).

This is Sister Bakker signing off for the last time.

I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I think I am going to go towards it.

Monday, March 21, 2016

The End

Well this is the end. Next week my time as full time missionary will come to and end. I was blessed to serve no Missão Portugal Lisboa. I served in 5 amazing areas (Amial, Povoa, Portimão,Mem Martins, and Odivelas) I had 10 amazing comps (Sisters Nielsen, Azevedo, Cullimore, Baugh, Steagall, Mendes, Alexander, Bryner, Barron, and Vanaquer). This mission was a blessing to me.

Eu sei que Deus vive. Que ele nos ama. Eu sei que esta igreja é verdadeira. Eu sei que Cristo é nosso salvador. E eu vou sou muita grata pelo oportunidade eu tinha de servir como um representante dele. Eu sei que isso é o caminho certo e que cada um de nos podemos estar come Deus depois desta vida mas temos que nos preparar agora! Eu amo minha família e sei que vou estar com eles para sempre. E sei que isso é o plano de Deus.

Thank you for everything.

This is Sister Bakker signing off for the last time.

See you all soon!

Google Translation:
I know that God lives. He loves us. I know that this church is true. I know that Christ is our savior. And I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to serve as a representative of it. I know this is the right way and that each of us can become a God after this life but we have to prepare now! I love my family and I know that I will be with them forever. And I know this is God's plan.

Monday, March 14, 2016

26 Years Old

So today is Sister Vanaquers bday! We played soccer and ate sushi and it was awesome! We had like 15 missionaries there. It was super cool! You all might have to be patient for the pics. Sorry. But it was really fun! She is 26 today. Yes she is 6 years older than me but people think that I am like 4 years older than her. It’s fine.

This week was great! We are getting really excited for Luica. She is going to be baptized on Saturday! And she is so excited. We taught her about temples and she got so excited to do the work for her parents and is really excited for the temple in Lisboa! She is so great! I am so excited for her!

This week we also had a small run in with a mouse. So we were walking in a dark alley way (that is always a bad idea, don’t do that.) And we see this cat. And Sister V was like "there is a mouse! Look the cat sees it and he is planning on how he is going to eat it" so I am like "yes let’s find the mouse" (side note: Sister V is terrified of mice) so I see it on the ground and I’m like "THERE IT IS!" but it was not moving and it was laying on its side like it was dead. So I was like "don’t worry it is dead!" so we get closer to it and it pops up and runs right on top of my foot! EWWW I felt its little body run over my feet!! So gross. Sister V screamed and almost cried haha poor thing! I may or may not have screamed too and jumped like a little girl. But needless to say we don’t go there at night now.

Well that is about it for me this week! love you all! see you in 2 weeks!


Sister Bakker

p.s. Just a reminder to all of you who still read my emails. If you find out where my little brother will be serving his mission DO NOT TELL ME! It is going to be a surprise when get home! Thank you!

Monday, March 7, 2016


Hey there fam bam!

So this week was pretty chill. IT FLEW BY! I feel like i wrote you all like yesterday! Time flies when you are having fun!

So this week we did a division with Faro. I got to serve with my MTC comp again, Sister Nieson, that was super cool! We had a party and worked hard! I loved it! Also this week I learned how to make balls of cheese and brigadeiros. mmmm I will make them for you when I get home. You will be addicted and I will never tell you how to make them because it is a secret recipe that a member gave us and I was sworn to secrecy.

Also we had a party this week for a missionary that is leaving from our ward. He is going to the New York New, York North Mission. He is our ward mission leader and so it was really cool. He leaves for his mission the same day I get home actually. Haha that is funny to joke around with him about.

Also yesterday we had a cool thing that we did. We were in the church waiting for this guy that never showed up. And there were like 4 little kids there who were playing while their parents were in a meeting. So they saw us and were like "ahhhh sisters!!" they wanted to be sisters so bad and so we too them to the road in front of the church and they gave cards to all the people that walked by. it was awesome. no one can say no to little kids. We actually got some people to accept and to want to learn more! It was a really cool finding activity. I think I may call the PMG people and tell them to add work with little kids (that are really cute) to do more contacts.

Have a killer week. TTYL. YOLO. (hope that is still a thing)...

Sister Bakker