Sunday, April 26, 2015

The English are Coming!

OLÀ FAMÍLIA!!! Tudo bem?!

This week was probs one of the best if not the best week on my mission so far! I cannot even start to tell you all that happened. Lets just start at the beggining. I got to go on a division with my favorite girl from Mozambique! Sister Jumua! She is super cool I really love her a lot!! We taught a lot of cool people, including that family from Cabo Verde, and they totally accepted the invite to be baptized! WAHOOOO now we just have to get them to get married. Then Sister Steagall and Sister Cullimore got to teach this couple Ana and Antonio! They are so cool!!! She is totally wanting to get baptized and she is like all about coming to church and learing more about everything! She is so cool!!! ahhh I love them so much!!! They are so great!

Ok so now i want to talk to you a little bit about the coolest thing that has happened to me on the mission so far. So let me set the stage for you... Imagine a big road with weird empty apartment buildings on both sides a bunch of English tourists going to the beach, me yelling at this creepy guy on the phone in Portuguese and my comp walking along side of me trying to keep up with this super weird conversation I was having. Just then this guy stops us and go's "wow girl Mormons that do this preaching thing too! I have only ever seen boys" so Sister Steagall talks to this guy while I finish up my conversation on the phone. We talked to him a bit found, out that his name is Mathew, he is here trying to start over. And when I say start over I mean he came to Portugal with a backpack of stuff NO money and literally nothing else. He hitch-hiked here from England about 1 year ago and he was in the area looking for a job. Well we then talked to him about the church. We ended up teaching him the first lesson on the road and inviting him to be baptized. At first he was really hesitant but we told him that if he asked God if this was what he needed to do that he would receive an answer. Well he did, literally sitting right there. We watched as he turned from maybe to wow this is the most true thing in the whole world. Well in the end he accepted the invite and will be baptized this Sunday! HE IS SO PREPARED!!! We have been teaching him and everything is going so well! He loves the book of Mormon and he loved church on Sunday! He is so cool! It really was a great example of God telling us where we needed to be and where he needed to be for us to find each other! And why sisters are important too! Mathew actually told us that the only reason that he talked to us is becuase we were sisters! WOW!!! He is so cool! I love miracles! The only problem now is that it is hard to teach all this stuff in English. I have never done it before... I give props to ALL english missionaries.

This week was so great! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!

Please take this advise that Sister Jumua taught me this week, eat your oranges like apples. They taste better!

Sister Bakker

Today for P-day we went to a castle!

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