Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I Hear Our Prophet!

Sister Bakker says never give 8 missionaries mustaches in a package they open on a train!

GENERAL CONFERENCE IS LIFE!!!!! Can I please just tell you how blessed we were this weekend. We got to watch the morning sessions live!!! that was so cool and we also got to watch the first part of the afternoon sessions live but had to finish them the next day due to having to be home by 10. We also got to see them in ENGLISH!!! WAHOO! It would have been great to see it in Portuguese and I think that I would have gotten most of what was said but it really is so much better to watch it in you own language! I love conference so much! We are so blessed to have a modern living prophet! I love his so much and I am so grateful for his and all the words spoken this weekend! And what a blessing it was to hear them over this beautiful Easter Sunday! What a great way to spend Easter this year! The cherry on top was that I also got to spend this Easter as a missionary! Wow God really does love all of us a whole lot!

This week was great! Nothing to crazy to report! You know the classic random dude that gives us oranges on the road and the oldy that cries when we offer to say a prayer to help bless her day. Classic! We are still working really hard here to see miracles and to see our investigators enter the waters of baptism! Man life is so good! And the usual homeless man that we have to avoid usually was not in his usual spot and the elders said that he has been spotted in their area so we are thinking that maybe he has moved! How can life get better? I am no joke on cloud nine! 

My advise this week is not really advise as much as it a request...Please all of you take a minute this week and remember your savior and all that he did for YOU personally. Then when you have thought about that think of someone that you know that needs that same knowledge of the Saviors love for them. It can be ANYONE! Just think of that one person and them and find a way to give them the gift of the gospel. It could be by having them over to eat dinner and meet with the missionaries (as a missionary I can tell you that this would be AWESOME) or you could give them a hug and tell them you love them or you can show them the new Easter video. There are so many ways to share the love of the Savior with the world and my challenge to you this week is to actually do it. STOP saying I will tomorrow or thinking that someone else can and you take action and DO IT!! God needs all of us to do our parts and He needs all of his children to return to him. How can you help him with the grand work? 

I love you all and I love my Savior! Thank you as always for all your prayers in my behalf! They do not go unnoticed! 

Sister Bakker...OUT (insert finger guns here)

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