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So we were supposed to have a baptism yesterday... ya our guy has gone missing. That actually happens a lot more than you might think here. We call him and go to his house and we ask around and ya he is like just gone... so ya. Hopefully we can find him today and give him so garbage for skipping his baptism! How was Christmas?? After I skyped you all sister Phippen made us taco soup that was like American heaven in a bowl and then we went and taught some people who were all alone on Christmas. That was good, sad that we knew so many people alone on Christmas but good that we could go and see them. We brought a present to this one joven who is not active and I put a cosmic brownie in it and he just looked at it like what the heck is this gross American thing. It was funny! 

As far as the rest of the week, it was good. Long because no one wants to talk to you during the holiday, but it was ok! Sorry this email is kind of short there isn’t really a ton to report from the week. 

The only advise I have for you all comes from one of the coolest people I know, my dad. In his words `don´t step in any dog crap`  yup. that pretty sums it up! Love you all and hope that you had a great Christmas! and that the new year treats you all well! Set some good goals and then stick with them! Goals are awesome! 

Hugs and Kisses,
Sister Lyssa Bakker

P.S. I totally forgot to tell you! We got news today in our letter from the president that the Portugal Lisbon mission will be splitting in July! Yup that is right! Porto is becoming a mission yet again!!! Yay!! Both the new mission presidents are Brazilian and we are going to rock it! I cannot wait to see if I am going to be a Lisbon Missionary or if I will be a Porto Missionary!

Hey there USA!!!

December 22

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! wow cannot believe I am already saying those words! how is good old Utah? Is everyone getting super stoked for Christmas? Have you all seen the he is the gift video? ahh it is so good! and we totally have a way awesome investigator becuase of it! we contacted her in the road and asked her to watch the video and gave her a card and marked a time to come by and talk about it. So we went the first time and she like barely let us in and was really hesitant with us and didn’t really seem like she liked us very much but we asked to come back and she said yes. So we came back with a member and she had read the part in the Book of Mormon that we left for her and had lots of questions about it! So we retaught the first lesson and left her with more to read. Then she totally came to church the next day and she loved it! so we taught her again that night and she was so excited to see us and told us to come right in and had her Book of Mormon ready and she pulled it out and she had marked the chapter up that we left for her and she said the opening prayer and was so stoked about the 2nd lesson was all like I cannot wait for the celestial kingdom! She is sooo elect!! we love her so much! her name is S! She is on a trip right now to see her family for the holidays so we won’t see her until the 3rd but ya we are stoked to teach her again! she is sooo great! 

This week we had the Christmas conference with all the missionaries in Lisboa and President. That was sooo cool and so spiritual! I loved it so much!! then on Saturday we had the Christmas party at the church! that was fun...long...but great! We made these brownies but seeing as we are missionaries and we tend to just use what we have, they turned out a little interesting. We didn’t have coco so we used chocolate milk powder, and we used a recipe that a native gave us and the conversions weren’t right so we just kinda guessed on how much of everything was needed. and we don’t have measuring utinsils so ya. it was bad. But in the end we just made a less chocolatly version of cosmic brownies! They weren’t that bad!  then our district leader Elder Perreira was Pai Natal (Santa) for the little kids. He wore his own Santa suit, which was just a onsie PJ set thing with a beard and hat. The kids loved it! 

Also thank you ward! they sent me a little thing with little slipper socks and little photo books from everyone! and one primary girl said that she wanted to serve a mission in Portugal! ahhhhh that was so tender! it was one of the Lucas girls so that makes sense but still!! It was so great! and I loved it so much! so thank you ward for the Christmas package! It was great!

Thanks for all you do for me!! Merry Christmas! Talk to you in a few days!!!! yay!! Love you all!! and remember that the best way to spread Chirstmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. so this is my challenge for you this week. Sing like the Portuguese, off key, loud, and super super bad, but with all your heart and love every second of it!

Sister Bakker! 

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