Saturday, December 13, 2014

Rabbits and Ducks and Chickens! Oh My!‏

Hi there family soo L totally was baptized yesterday and it was sooo cool she was baptized by the ward mission leader S! The elders in the district also had a baptism and Elder Wiborny baptized him! It was sooo cool!!! My first baptism!! It was so cool and the spirit was soooo strong!! Loved it soooo much! She did not own a skirt so me and Sister Azevedo went through all our stuff and found the stretchest thing that either of us owned (L is a little bit taller and heavier than either of us) and we found one skirt of mine that we thought might work for her so we prayed with all our hearts that it would and brought it to her. The Lord answered our prayers and it barley fit but it did! So her first skirt was that blue one that grandma helped me hem and that I wore at my farewell...The baptism was soo awesome but was kind of bitter sweet because although we got to see her be baptized and it was sooooo awesome I also had to say good bye to her and her family because of course I got transferred....

So ya my area got shut down and the elders took it over. So please if you are trying to send me something do not send it to that address anymore I will probably never see it or it will take a few months for me to get it! But it’s all good!!! My new area is.................................................. POVOA! It is like right by Lisbon! so ya I served like in Porto and now I am like in Lisbon! My new Trainer is Sister Collimer! and she is awesome! She just hit 9 months and she is like the coolest person ever! I love her so much already! She is from Logan Utah and is 20! Love her! Also my new house is at the top of like the huge hill that might as well just be a mountain so I am going to have awesome legs at the end of being here! I am going to miss Amial sooooo much! I was really starting to love it there! the people were so great! They were just warming up to me and I was just starting to form good relationships with some of them. So ya I was really sad to leave. But its all good! There are going to be awesome things for me here in Povoa!

I said good bye to Sister Azevedo today and that was sad but good! luckily the week before she left lots of people wanted to feed us.. so we had some yummy duck (which I actually really did think wasn’t that bad) and some rabbit ( that was gross. I don’t like rabbit turns out). with the rabbit they served some over cooked spaghetti and black beans. luckily they did not feed us the rabbit head that was in that soup... hahaha oh Portugal!  Portuguese food is like the same no matter what you eat, rice, pasta, chicken, beef you name it and even when it is different it still tastes the same. hahaha and its neither good nor bad it just is... I am loving it! 

My new area is smaller than my first but still pretty big I am excited to get to work and to start getting stuff done here. Today was really long but it was good! We left Porto last night right after our baptism. We had to convince a member to take us because we missed the bus because of the baptism and then we took a 3 hour train to Lisbon stayed at the sisters house there and then went to the office and I waited there until about noon for my new comp we took the train again to my new area and now here I am at 4:30 pm finally getting to P day stuff! Love it!!

This week was good! we had lots of stuff that happened and lots of people that did awesome things! ohh also this was cool, I totally went to the beach this week! hahaha it was soo cool!!

Being a missionary is the best! There are things that make you want to just sit down and quit but there are also things that are sooo good that make up for every hard times! 

Peace out until next week!
Sister Bakker!

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