Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What is that Smell?

Hi There,

So this week was good. Long, but super good! Povoa is super differnet than amial. we walk a ton in this area which is ok, except for it is all hills. like no joke i literally live at the top of a mountain! It is great! I like it ok. Sister cullimore and I get along swimmingly so that is good! She is a good trainer! Also I think that the accent in Lisbon is easier than in Porto so it is a little easier to understand people. So that is also good. as far as this week went nothing huge to report it was pretty average mission life. we walked and contacted like 100,000,000 people and we tried to talk to like everyone about Christmas! It was cool. We have one guy marked for baptism on the 28th so we are excited about that! his name is J and he is super elect and ready for the blessings of baptism!

So the grossest things happened this week... #1 our shower totally broke haha so ya we did not have a shower for like a week. but it was so bad that when you did anything in the bathroom using water the tub would start to fill up with gross brown nasty water that smelled like sewer. So it was really bad and we had to not use that bathroom at all, but luckily we have another bathroom but it does not have a shower or a working light so we were taking sink showers in the dark for a few days until we could get that fixed. #2. a rat ran aross our feet in the road last night. ya that was nasty.


So that is the current state of my life!  Cannot wait for Christmas to skype you!! That is going to be so awesome!  Love you all and thank you for all you do for me! Remember in the words of sponge bob... when in doubt pinky out.
Love one of the 2

Sister Bakker´s

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