Monday, January 12, 2015

Miracles Happen

This week I would like to start of my quoting one of my idles, Lizzy Maguire. "Miracles Happen Once in a while! Miracles happen if you just believe!!" Wow thanks Lizzy for that inspiration! Ok but really though this week was a week full of milagres (miracles). We marked our investigator S for the 25th!! yay!! She is so cool! and she has such a desire to be the best that she can! Ahhhh I love her so much! She is such a miracle! Also last P-day we totally watched “17 Miracles”! That was a totally miracle! loved it!!!! Also we have been moving forward with this Mestres de Israel challenge from our mission president and things are going good with that! man we talk to a lot of people if we do the math it has been 12 days, 10 people a day, that is 120 people per missionary so that is 240 people that we have talked to. So just in my district we have talked to 480 people in 12 days. Wow. That is a lot of people! We got some new people though so that is good. These numbers really do show how many people you have to talk to to get anyone to listen! It is crazy! But hey in the last week my district marked 3 people for baptism! yay! Miracles!We continue everyday to see miracles happen and it is sooo cool! I love it! I can honestly say that when you pray for things, GOD ALWAYS ANSWERS!! It is so amazing! Oooohhh something funny that happened this week, I had my first door straight up slammed in my face. it was... funny! haha we just looked at each other laughed and moved on! ohh also I lost my planner. Leave it to me to lose the single most important thing to make the days run smoothly! Classic Sister Bakker right there folks! but yet again it was just one of those things I laughed off and made a new one! Oooh mission life! It is good! I love Portugal! Much love!! Keep up all the good work and thanks for all that you do for me! Love, Sister Bakker!

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