Monday, January 26, 2015

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!

Sup fam!

So, we went on some adventures today after we played volleyball with the elders and some investigators and let’s just say we took the wrong path and instead of crossing like 6 train tracks we decided to turn back and it took like forever and then the internet place was still not rockin it for us this week and so we had to go to the chapel again and take turns so ya I have like 30 mins instead of my reg hour and a half. Yay P-day fun! I love it here so much!

This week was so great! We baptized Sandra!!! yay!!! I wish Icould tell you all the joy that we felt as we saw her enter the waters of baptism! Man she was so ready and she totally on the right path! She is so great and I love her so much! Sunday we had 3 other baptism as well! Nelson, Josifina, and Tatiana! They are all great and this next week we are supposed to have 3 more! Yup our district is on fire right now! I love missionary work so much! I have really fallen in love with it this week!

This week we also went to a gypsy wedding. Like you know that show My Big Fat gypsy wedding? Yup I went to one of those but it was at the chapel and it was crazy! That was an adventure for sure!

Also dad this is especially for you, so there is dog poop all over the place here and it also rains like every day so the poop gets all wet and then it dries and gets moldy. Yup there is moldy poop like everywhere we go! It is super funny!

Some fun facts about our branch, We have a guy named A who has a fake leg because he literally lost it in a war. One of the members of the branch presidency is 18, and our elders quorum president is also 18. haha ya Portugal! I love that here it is just like what ever! Things are so chill and as long as you have the priesthood you can hold what ever calling you need to hold! It is great!

Well thanks for all your love and support from home! You are all wonderful! Fica Bem! love you all and please do me a favor and don’t step in any moldy dog poop this week and I will try my best to do the same!

Much love,
Sister Lyssa Bakker
The path we use to get home from church, yes it is that tiny one straight up in the middle of randomness

Pizza for S Cullimore's birthday

my scriptures

milk carton

Giant nesting doll

Gypsy wedding

Tunnel we walk through to get to Vialonga (city in the back)

Baptism Storm!  

Rio Tejo and sand volley ball

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