Monday, May 25, 2015

I Won That Battle

Well folks I would like to say hello yet again! I feel like it was yesterday that I last wrote you guys! TIME FLYS! hope that you all had a great Memorial Day. You may be surprised to know that Memorial day is not a thing here in good old Portugal. Shocker. But ya today is great! We went to Lagos and I totally bargained with some gypsies for a dress and some cool elephant pants. Love them. I am feeling like a true hippie now a days. I also might dye my hair. haha. I am kidding I am kidding! (or am I...)

This week was great! I got to go on a division with my trainer sister Cullimore! That was so great! I really love her a lot! Ana and Antonio are also still doing great! We are so excited for them to get married this Friday! Wahoo! I love them so much and so grateful for the opportunity that I have had to see their faith grow as they prepare to be baptized and receive the holy ghost!

I would like to end this short letter with a little bit of advise from sister bakker. When bartering with Gypsies also say you have no money. Next thing you know, you are walking away with a free pair of awesome pants with elephants on them! wahoo!! Lovin life! #wonthatbattle

Love you all! have a great memorial day!
Sister Bakker

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