Monday, October 19, 2015

Look, Mom, I Caught a Lizard!

This week was cool! here in Mem Martins we are a ward! wahooooo I love it so much! we have like a gazillion Brazilions so I am scared that my accent is going to be a little funky by the time I leave. We will see. But I am liking it a lot! The people are great! We have meals with members all the time! And we even have an American family that lives in our ward and they live in a real house! That is right I went into a stand alone house for the first time in over a year! That was cool!

A lizard we found in the street
My comp and I are working really hard! We are going to have to do at least 5 divisions this transfer and so we are going to be really busy and not in our area a lot but that is ok the Lord always provides away! Right now we are teaching this cool Brazilian girl that actually contacted us on the road. She was behind us and called to us and asked if we talked about Jesus. She is really cool! Also I got news from Póvoa that Janette was baptized yesterday! I am so happy for her! I love her so much! She is soo cool and really just so so great! Such a future missionary I know it! I am so happy that she was able to receive an answer that these things are true! I love this church so much and I am so grateful to be a part of it! If you know anyone that has not yet had the chance to hear about the happiness and joy that is this gospel please make sure to open your mouth and share it. Let the missionaries help you! Love you all so much! thanks for all the support!

My adivse for this week comes from a contact that we did one day. A wise old man told us "VIVE MENINAS!! VIVE!!!" So that is my advise for all of you. Live girls, live!!!

Boa semana! Fica com Fé!

Sister Bakkstertot

Doing a rap with S Alexander for our English class

You can't beat Portuguese Pastries!

Sister Bryner

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