Monday, October 26, 2015

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Sup familia de poder!!

So over here in good old Mem Martins not too much is going down. We are teaching some pretty cool people. One girl from Brazil named Marina. She is super cool and we are hoping that she can get a new job so that she can come to church. Also we are teaching this guy named M. He is something else. Oh man. Lets just say he may or may not be homeless and he may or may not be a really really big liar. We are really hoping that he is not cause if he is not it means he is super elect and ready to go! We will have too see in our lesson with him tonight! We also are teaching this girl named Tania! she is sooooooo amazing! She is a nanny for the American family in our ward and she heard the prayer of their 6 year old girl one night and said that she knew that there was something different. So she talked to the mom and said that it was like her heart had a lid on it and then when she heard that prayer it was like the lid was open and all she wanted was to feel like that all the time. We taught her the restoration of the gospel and she cried. She is so amazing!! We love her so much!!!

Other news from the week. Ummmm well it has rained like everyday so that has been cool. I love huge random rain storms. VIDA BOA!!!! We also did a division with the sisters in Cascais! That was super cool! The sisters there are super legit! So that was way fun! But ya other than that my life is pretty much the same!

Also this week is halloween! que bênção!!! We are going to carve pumpkins (if we can find any) and I am going to be a cow girl and sister Bryner is going to be an Indian. Well as best as we can while still looking like missionaries :) I AM SOOOO EXCITED! I love Halloween and we are praying that someone will come trick-or-treat at our house! yay!

love you all! have one heck of a semana!
Sister Bakker

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