Monday, December 14, 2015

Sister Bakker and the case of the missing scissors‏

I literally don’t even know where to start this email. So I will just start on the beginning of the week. Monday, we made shirts and pie and it was crazy. Tuesday we had a sister meeting and all of the sister cried and I was just like ahh why are there so many tears going on and it got weird. But it was really good. Wednesday is where it gets good...
the big yellow house on the right is the back of the Duke's house.  I feel like I look at it and just think of the words to "I Love to See the Temple--I'll go inside one day , to feel the holy spirit, to listen and to pray--"

So I go on a division with the sister of Amadora. Sister Donahoo came and served with me in my area, Mem Martins. Well our first plan of the day was to go to Sintra to find this weird reference that we got from someone in Porto. So we go and we are walking along and asking people how to get to this weird road and they are all like "sempre em frente sempre em frente" or in English "always in front" So we are walking on this twisty mountain road in the middle of nowhere when we get to this random city. And we are like wow we made it!! So then we ask people for the next road that we are looking for and they are like what do you need on that road and we are like, we are looking for Duque. And people got so excited when we said that and we are like what the heck. What is Duque? So we get to the road and we are like ok I see no house named Duque. But we found the number and we ask this little old spanish lady "o que é Duque?" and she gets all excited and tells us in half Spanish half Portuguese that the duke is not home right now but that his brother is and that we needed to just touch the doorbell. She then showed us where the door was. In that moment Sister Donahoo and I look at each other and are like OH MY GOSH IT IS A DUKE!!!! So we walked like 1 hour to this HUGE house like soooo big we thought that it was like an old mansion that was turned into like rooms for tourists or something. BUT no it was a house that a duke lives in!!! So we talk to this lady and tell her that the duke wants to talk to us and she is like well you need an appointment. Call this number. And she gives us this weird number. So we leave and we call the number and this lady is talking to me and is really, really formal and is like who gave you this number and I am like uhhh Orlanda... and she goes "AHHHH SENHORA ORLADA!! ok ok we will make you an appointment and call back!" Soooo ya that is right we are totally going to teach a duke!!! And so we ask around a little and find out that if Portugal was a monarchy he would be in line for king!! WHAT!!!!!! SOOO COOLLLL!!!

Ok that was the coolest thing that happened this week. But the rest was still really good. Our bread friend is still giving us bread EVERDAY. Our freezer is really full of bread and cake and pastries and we are giving stuff away like we crazy! Hah it is great! For to love it!

We are getting excited for Christmas! It is going to be so fun!

Also I lost my scissors. Which is sad cause they are safety kids scissors that I found in my first transfer. I cut myself on the twice (yes even though they were safety ones for kids). I will find them though. I have faith.

Love you all so much!

Merry Christmas!

Love, Sister Bakker
This is a toucan we found on the way to the Duke's house

a weird fruit we found on the way to the Duke's house

Sister Barron with a man we found

a cool road in Sintra

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