Monday, December 7, 2015

Eagles and Bolo Rei

Warning this email contains shocking information read with caution.

This week in mem martins there was a festa de natal (Christmas party) there were booths and good food and all sorts of fun on the roads. Well, we had to use that road to get to and from a few appointments. So we are walking down the road pretending that we have horse blinder things on our eyes when this random guys pulls us from the crowd puts a big glove on Sister Barrons hand and goes "smile!" Next thing we know they are taking a pic of her HOLDING AN EAGLE!!! Then they go ok now its your turn. Well if anyone knows me they know my VERY VERY VERY big fear of birds. Well folks on that day I swallowed my fear and my pride and I held that eagle! thats right! I HELD AN EAGLE!!!! (pics to follow). It was so cool!

Also we have a bakery right across the street from our house and every night the baker looks out the window to our window and waves to us before we plan. Well on the same day that we held an eagle we decided that it was time that we talk to the baker. So we go over there and he showed us inside and then gave us 2 free loaves of bread!!! It was awesome! Then last night he was, "oh hey girls come here" so we go over there and he gave us a bolo rei! (which is just a gross fruit cake but if you eat around the fruit it is not bad!) WAHOO everyone was just lovin' the sisters this week! It was awesome!

Also this week on a more spiritual side, the temple ground breaking happened! WAHOOOOO PORTUGAL IS GOING TO HAVE A TEMPLE!!!! It was so cool to see it happen! We got to watch from a chapel close by. It was so amazing to see this huge great and wonderful event take place! We are so blessed! I love the church so much and I am so excited to have a temple here in Portugal! I cannot wait to come back one day and see all the people I love inside! Best thing ever!

This week was great! I love my mission so much!

Thanks for everything! Eu sei que nosso salvador vive! eu amo esta igreja e eu amo minha missão! vocês são minha força! Obrigada por tudo! Feliz Natal!
Com Amor
Sister Bakker!

We made tee shirts for our sisters with the help of a member!

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