Monday, December 28, 2015

There's a Snake in my Boot!

Yo yo yo!

Sup y'all! How was Christmas? We partied pretty hard here in Mem Martins! It was awesome! The sisters in Mafra were with us for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. We had a night with mega bed and the Polar Express (found the book in our house and we had to read it.) It was so great! Also it was really great to talk to you all! Crazy that that was the last time I will talk to you on skype. Next time will be in person! wow! I'm excited! So ya the rest of this week nothing too great happened. We did have a lady have a panic attack during a lesson and I had to watch her 2 kids and Sister Barron had to like wrestle a crazy lady and we had a member come help us. It was really intense but it all worked out!

Life here is good! I am glad that you are all doing great!

Also I have been thinking a lot about Toy Story this week. Don't know why. But that movie is really good. You all should watch it this week!

Love you all!

Sister Bakker
caroling in Mafra

Christmas Eve at our Bishop's house

Secret Santa Exchange

Pecan Pie and Peanut Butter Fudge
Thank you American Families!
Best thing I've eaten since I left the US!

Irma Lidias for lunch (she is at the head of the table, please note her cool purple hair!)

Christmas morning making Panakuk

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