Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cha Cha Cha Changes‏

Sister Nielsen and Sister Bakker

Dear Familia, well that’s it. I am coming home... HAHAHAHAHAHA gotcha!!! I would never!! the CTM is so great!! I never want to leave. I could go for some real food and a little more English but other than that it is the life!

S Nielsen, S Bakker, E Nance, E Rose

Oh the CTM!! No joke it is like living on Mars here. I feel a lot like an alien. Everyone is walking around speaking strange languages and everyone is dressed strange all the time. It is super funny! This week though I had what felt like 100,000,000 tons of bricks dropped right on top of my head! I have realized that I need to change. I cannot just pray for the gift of tongues and have it just come to me. I need to change the way I am studying. I also changed my attitude. Every time I get called on in class everyone always looks right at me cause they know that when I am called on I smile and usually give out a little giggle. I can’t help it! It just happens!! But hey people think that I am super funny because I do things like that all the time. So I was worried that people would think that I am a weirdo, well they do but somehow it has helped me out so much!! Smiling is no joke how I get through everyday!! I would probably be home right now if I did not make myself smile and find the joy in everything. At the end of the each day I don’t want to look back and say "shoot I should have handled that a little better." When I force myself to be happy it makes the biggest difference and so far I have had no regrets. Sure the language is HARD! but it is ok. And I am faced with new trials all the time but I know that because I have learned to literally grin and bare it that it will all be ok!! MAN THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!! or in Portuguese A Igreja a veredera!! (if anyone reading this speaks Portuguese I am sorry for the spelling. Everyone else please just assume that all that was spelled correctly. haha)

The Sisters in our Zone
I love minha missao so much and I feel like this is the best place in the whole world!! EVERYONE THAT IS WONDERING IF THEY SHOULD GO, STOP THINKING AND JUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never look back and say wow I should have done such and such instead. I am so blessed and I love the church so much!! Life is good and all is well!! Thank you all so much for your support you are the best!! And I love you all so much!! Keep on smiling and even when you don’t want to find something good in your day!! Love you all! I pray for you all daily!!
That one girl that used to be Alyssa Bakker but now they call Sis B
Peace and Blessings y'all!
Elder & E Vargason, S Bakker, S Nielsen

P.S. Letters are the best thing in the whole world and I love getting them so you know I probably wouldn't even be mad if you wanted to write me (:

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