Tuesday, October 28, 2014

To Infinity and Beyond!‏

Long ago in a far away land called the CTM there lived a sister and her companhera Niels Dog, and together they were to bear it what ever it may be. One day on a cold crisp October morning they were preparing for V their beloved pesquisador when they just could not seem to feel the spirit that was needed. They clashed heads and tried to see the others point of view and it just was not happening for these sisters and their crew. Then an elder so calm and cool headed came to them and said "want to help me with my lesson" together they frowned and hardly agreed, but they helped none the less because they knew he was in need. So they knelt in a prayer and the spirit was there. Then opening their eyes they felt no despair. They knew how to help and they knew what to teach. And together they taught better than an army or fleet! V committed to baptism and is striving to follow the words of the prophets and is helping all that will follow. The sisters were blessed because of a prayer, so people I ask will you kneel today?
This story is true. My companion and I are as different as can be and some how we are making it work not just because we are supposed to but because we care so much about each other that we would do anything. She is my best friend and I would be so lost without her here. It is so cool the people that god puts into your life. She has so many strengths where I fall short and I have strengths in the places that she does. Together I feel like would could convert the world. I don’t want to ever not be companions with her. Yes we have hard days just like the one I talked about but I am so blessed to know that no matter how frustrated I get all I need to do is pray and some how when ever I open my eyes I see her with more love than ever before!! It is so cool!! PRAYER IS COOL AND IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, I need to tell you about my teacher Irmão Buttars. He is the best blessing in my life right now. He just gets it. I am so blessed to have him as my teacher. He has a way of teaching things that just makes you understand weather it be language or gospel he can teach it! It is amazing! We have some of the coolest conversations in my class and I am so grateful for them! He has taught me so much about what being a missionary really is and he makes our district want to be the best that we can. He calls us a celestial district and when we slip up he reminds us that in that moment we were telestial or terestial, and we are striving to always be celestial. SOOOO COOL!! I love my district and my zone so much I wish that you could all meet them! and I wish that I could serve me whole mission with all of them! I love them all!!
Also wish me luck! As of tomorrow we are not allowed to speak English until we leave the CTM!! That is a long time to not speak. My favorite saying is going to be Não falo Englés. and Eu falo um poco portugués, descupa. It is going to be a super strange and quit few weeks! LOVE IT!!!!
I love my mission and I am really starting to love the language. It is so beautiful and I think that it is so cool!! I keep forgetting words in English and in Portuguese it is like I don’t have a language anymore! ahhh crazyness!! But it is cool I have learned so much and keep learning more everyday!
Love you all and make sure that you are still smiling and that you are still doing all that you need to do to make the right choices in your lives! And when in doubt just ask, would Sister Bakker do this? hahahahahahaha jk don’t ask that cause I am kinda crazy and you never know! but do put yourself in Christ’s shoes and think about what he would do if he were you.

Sister Bakker
formally known as Lyssa

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