Friday, October 24, 2014

There's a Storm coming Harry...

- Eating ice cream in the hall.  WE could not find spoons so I used the end of my razor and S Niel-dog used a knife…ohh the life of a missionary!


-some of the girls in my zone, on the last temple walk w/ E Noyse who is super funny and loves Avatar, E Sorenson who is one of the elders in my district, also super funny but he doesn't like Avatar. S Cordner is the tall brunette on the left back, she is one of my roomies her comp is the blond next to me S Johnosn. Next to S Nielsen is S Bundy and her comp S Hennefer, they are both in my zone.  S Haycock is another sister in my room and in my district!  I love all these people so much!

S Baird (from swim team) and S Bakker


Okay so first thing is first... The CTM is the MTC. It is just in portuguese. Sorry if that confused people. I had a lot of questions about that this week for some reason...
Now this week was AMAZING! It is my hump day here!!! WAHOOO The language is coming. I think I sound like a robot that pauses for like 5 seconds after every word but what ever!! I don't even care! I have been here 3 weeks and can teach a lesson, pray, bear my testimony, and carry a very broken simple conversation. That my friends is what I call the Dom De Lingua (gift of tongues)!!!! I love my mission so much! I cannot wait to speak fluently and teach everything about this gospel! It is so cool!!!
So one of the coolest things that happened this week, my teacher, Irmao Buttars called it a primera visao experience! I was teaching a lesson to our investigator V, I was supposed to teach her about the spirit and I totally froze. I literally could not speak!! My mouth would not make words in English or in Portuguese. I was stressing out and sat there totally silent for what felt like eternity. Then I was totally over come by the spirit and I knew how to say more in Portuguese than I have ever before. I bore the best testimony I think that I ever have. I knew exactly what to say and I have never felt the spirit that strong in my life. IT WAS AMAZING!!! We closed with a prayer and I cant be sure but I think that our investigator (Irma Wilson one of our teachers) may have had a tear in her eyes. It was so cool. She even said that she would come to church on Sunday!! wahoooooo!! GIFT OF TONGUES PEOPLE!!!!! IT IS REAL!!!!!!!!
Also you know that we are having a really spiritual moment when our teacher Irmao Buttars speaks English. Last night we were supposed to have language class and teach but instead we had a 3 hour question and answer in all English of how we can turn our district from just a distrtict in the zone to the one that everyone knows is progressing the best and has the most spirit. IT WAS AMAZING! I don't even know what I am going to do with out them. My teacher tells us all the time that we are weird. He says that our district came together faster and were better friends than any other he has ever taught. It is so cool. He taught us how to use our friendship against Satan and how to use or friendship and unity to become the best missionaries ever!!! It is so cool and the spirit is amazing!!
I LOVE MINHA MISSAO!!!! I feel like there is a storm inside all of the missionaries here and it is just brewing waiting to destroy Satan!! OOOOOHH he is going to hate us when we all leave here!!
Thank you so much Family and friends for all your love and support! I have officially fallen in love with my mission and I never want it to end! Good thing I am still here for like 17.5 months!!! WAHOO missions are the best!!
Sister Bakker’s Advise for the week: SMILE!! Even when you don’t want to and even when you think you cannot go any more, SMILE and I promise that it will change your life! It changed mine!! Love you all!!!!
Eu sei que a igreja e verdidera!!!

Sister Alyssa Bakker
more commonly known to y'all as Lyssa!!

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