Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy Pday

Sooo the mtc... the good news is that none of the girls in my room snore!! so yay for sleeping every night! Also my comp is probs the greatest person in the world and I seriously love her!! Her name is Sister Neilsen from Price, Utah!! Conference here was AMAZING!! We are going to the temple today for the first time here and I am stoked!! My district is the best!! We have so much fun! They are no joke my CTM family!! As far as the speaker in conference that spoke in Portuguese, no we just heard a voice over thing like you in engles. wow... i did not mean to write English in Portuguese... my brain works half in English and half in jiberish now. yes jiberish cause I feel like it should be Portuguese but I don't know enough to actually speak so its just like weird mumbles with a few words. We have taught 2 lessons in Portuguese (we call it pork and beans here btw) and I pray in all Portuguese now. My teacher Irmao Buttars tells us that we are supposed to speak no English. I think I am going to die. We tend to be really quite most the time. or we just give you and speak 90% English and 10% Portuguese. It is interesting... haha I love it!!! I am pretty sure that I always look like a deer in the head lights during language class. Haha my teacher speaks 0 English. It is so intense and my brain always hurts. Also we never know if it is morning or night becuase we are alwyas tired and it seems to always be dark when we finally get to leave the class room. Oh it is so great!

So since have been here I have seen...

Elder austin rose
Elder conner nance
Elder garrett vargason
Elder janzen deanse
Sister krissy mckell
Sister kayla stockwell
Elder josh mcnall
Sister britney bently

and probably other people that I can't think of right now. I feel like this is high school all over again sometimes. I even sat in front of Elder Rose and Nance at conference. hahaha small world.

Any way the language is coming. it is really hard and all but it is good. I have already taught two lessons in Portuguese. I can pray and bare my testimony too. Its all very basic right now but it is coming...

THE FOOD SUCKS!!! I'm pretty sure I have eaten more cold cereal here than I have like in my whole life and they don't even have plain Cheerios. kill me.. jk jk its fine and I swear that isn't a complaint it is just stating a fact!!

My p day is Tuesday so sorry that I didn't get to write for so long.


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