Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Peace, Blessings and maybe some Ribths (ribs)‏

my district with Irma  Wilson

Well, the time has come for me to finally say goodbye to the blessed CTM!! WAHOO!! I am so excited to go to Portugal! The time I have spent here has been amazing and it has been hard and I have felt the spirit like never before but I know that I am ready to get to my actual mission field now! This is my last email home from the US that’s strange... But awesome at the same time!
This week I think I have learned more about what being a missionary really is than my whole MTC experience so far! It is super cool! We had a lot of great speakers come and we had a lot of cool things happen! Saying goodbye to our teachers was weird... I feel like we have spent so much time with them that they should just be part of our everyday lives now and yet I may never see them again. How strange is that? I will miss them a ton! They were/are 2 of the best people that I have ever known and I am so grateful to have been taught by them!
Para Bems with S Johnson, E Higginbotham and E Harden

S Bakker and S Woods
So this week something cool, I got to host Tacee Woods into the MTC!! How cool is that! I had been praying actually to be able to host her. I had finished 4 girls before her and I thought that I was probably done for the day but I went to double check to see if they needed more help. Low and behold as I walked up guess who was pulling in! The Woods family! I chased them down and I saw them all and said hello and goodbye and took Tacee with me and helped her figure out her first day here! I am on the same floor as her and everything! We see each other all the time! I seriously love her so much and I am so glad that she is here! her strength is so crazy and I look up to her so much! I literally don’t think my heart can handle how much love that I have for her!!! She is such a blessing to have here and I am so excited to see how many lives she is going to touch!
The Sisters in my room, Cordner, Johnson, Nielsen, me, Haycock

my district with Irmao Buttars and Smith

Anyway TOMORROW is the big day and even though I am scared out of my mind I am strangely calm and I feel like I can totally do this! I love my mission so much! I cannot believe that it was a month and a half ago that I said goodbye to you all and that I started the journey. It seems like it was yesterday! Eu Amo Voces!!!

Can’t wait to get there. I am praying for some good American ribs when I get there. I have been craving those for the last....6 weeks or so hahaha. They may have to wait another 17 months though!
They strangest sister of them all,
Sister Bakker

Irma Wilson and the sisters in my district

my room, I am the middle top bunk
S Bakker, S Bently

S Stockwell, S Bakker

All the sisters in the zone

Those who performed a musical number, and those that were the moral support

My class room and district w/ Iramao Buttars and Iramao Smith

S Haycock, S Bakker, S Nielsen

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