Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yo Yo Yo Família!

yo yo yo família!

Ok so Portugal, it is... interesting and not what I thought it would be like at all... My area is Amial which is as close to Porto as the sisters get here. It rains everyday with out fail. No one holds anything back. If you don't look good in something you will hear it at least 3 times a day. And they make fun of Americans all the time. Especially ones like me who cannot speak any Portuguese. ya... the struggle is real. my apartment is freezing! like we have two space heaters that we just drag from room to room depending on where we are. We are blessed though cuase we have a washer! but they don't have dryers here so everything hang dries. It is so humid that nothing ever dries... so ya haha I am going to spend the next 17 months wet. love it!!! 
Elder & Sister Crossman w/S Bakker
So the first day we got through the airport, then President drove us to the mission home. SCARIEST THING OF MY LIFE!!! everyone here is crazy when they drive!!! I swear we are going to hit something one of these days!!  We had the best lasagna I think I have ever had, probably just because I lived off MTC food for the last 6 weeks but ya it was great! The next day I met Sister Azavedo my trainer! She is great! She is 20 and from Northern California! She is the only member in her family so that is a cool story! and she is great! she speaks English with me so that is really good. She helps me out a ton! I love her, but she will only be my companion for 4 weeks. This is a weird transfer for some reason, and I am killing her which means that she is going home at the end of this transfer.  But ya i really love her and I am the first person she has ever trained! So we live about 20 mins from our area so we take the bus there. We also have some parts that you have to take the metro to. I like one of the places out there a lot it is called Maia we went there last night and it is super awesome! I wish we lived closer so that we could do more work there! It is super awesome! We are teaching a new family there right now that is good! We are also getting pumped cause we are hoping to have a baptism this week! We have a man named J who has the date set he just needs to quit smoking and drinking! He is super solid the elders gave him a blessing yesterday so that he could have the strength to stop. We are teaching him tonight so hopefully he will still be good! If he can do it for one week then he can get baptized so we are really really hoping that he does! Also we have two other investigators there names are P and C and they are the best! They are super funny and they are super great! P I think wants to get baptized and be a solid member but his brother C is holding him back a little. GRRR but its all good!! One day it will happen!

Sooooooo you are all about to be super jealous... I MET ELDER COOK!!! say what?! thats right he came to our mission and he talked to the missionaries only on saturday morning check the fb page maybe Sister Flukiger put some pics up and then that night he stayed in Porto and he came for our stake conference!! so we got to hear him 3 times!!!! it was so cool!!! He is super great! I got to shake his hand twice and I was like front middle for his talk! How cool is that?! So ya its no big deal I just am on like first name bases with an apostle now! its what ever!

Mom you asked about my kitchen hahahahahaha ohhhh my kitchen. we have an oven and a dishwasher... neither of them work. we also have this ghetto microwave that I think is going to give me cancer. The stove works about half the time, but our fridge is a champ!! The food here is super strange and we don't ever eat dinner. We cannot drink the water cause its like you will get a parasite from it. So that is gross and we just have these huge jugs that we buy at the store across the street. I really do love it!

as far as pics go sorry i totally forgot my adapter thing and so you will have to wait until next week for those. sorry. But I am good and Portugal is good.   Thank you for all your prayers and support!! love you all and miss you all tons and tons!

Love that crazy american living in Portugal
Sister Bakker

ps just incase you are wondering the people here try to say my name like Americans would cause I am American so they still call me Baker and then when I say Bakker they all give me this weird face and try to say it back and never can so here I am bakdeh... unless you are P and C to them I am Alisha. yes they call me by my first name. they are crazy and I don't know how they even knew what my first name was.

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