Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tracting and then tracting and then more tracting

This week in Portugal we started out with tracting and then we kept tracting and then just when we thought we were done we did some more. I knocked on more doors and I talked to more people in one week than I have in my whole life this week and I loved it! It was great! Haha this place is so strange! I like it a lot! I feel like once I can talk to people I will fit in just fine!

So last week I think I talked about J. Well he was supposed to be getting baptized but he stopped keeping our appointments and so when we went and found him he was super drunk so we left him and waited to talk to him until the next day. So we went and found him again and he was even more drunk the next day. It was crazy he was like not able to stand up and he was like really angry and scary and then like fine and super loving the next. He told me that I was a beautiful cat and that I was more beautiful than the stars. So after he got down on his knees in the middle of the road and begged for my companions heart we decided that he just needed to go home so we told him to go home. He took that as follow someone into their homes so we had to go save this poor guy from J following him into his house. We then had to walk J home which made us miss our bus home and so we had a nice little adventure where we planned in the street and waited for like an hour for the next bus it was quite the night! so ya needless to say he is not getting baptized anymore... sad. The elders are now talking to him and they are now trying to get him to quit because we felt that it was no longer appropriate for sisters to handle the situation. They gave us one of their investigators that they could no longer teach, we went to see her and she couldn’t talk really but this other random girl was there and she said “I will talk to you.” She is 15 and her name is L. She is so great! She told us that she wants to be baptized and that the elders like 3 months ago were teaching her and that she loves church and would still be going but her mom won’t let her go alone. Well what do you know we are neighbors so we are totally taking her this week and she is getting baptized the week after! How cool is that? God really does bless you when you are obedient and when you are doing all you can to help others come unto Christ! We lost J but we found L and she is super elect! I love her!

Other than that this week has been great and hard and long but I am hanging in there! Portugal is super strange and the people are crazy! I ate some questionable stuff this week and I am not totally sure that anything I have eaten is sanitary but hey I haven’t gotten sick yet so its all good!!! love it here!! Thanks for all you do for me! you are great and I love you all! I’m am praying for all of you!

Love Sister Bakker

The North part of the mission with Elder and Sister Cook. Alyssa is directly behind Sister Cook

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