Thursday, November 6, 2014


Ok so first thing is first I have to explain para bangs haha it is actually para bem haha but ya we call it para bangs and we all put our hands on our heads and make our fingers like bangs are well all look way stupid but I love it! My teacher Irmao Buttars tells us all the time that we are the strangest district that he has ever taught... LOVE IT!! haha oh and para bems means congratulations by the way. Any how sorry for the random fact that you you all probably don’t really care that much about. But what ever!!!
So I got to see Drew this week!! that was great! I loved that so much! It was cool to talk to him in person! He is...Different and yet the exact same. But ya it was great! Best Halloween ever! Halloween is my favorite holiday and seeing him just made it that much better!
So this week has been so cool!!!!! I love the MTC so much!! We got our travel plans! wahoo!! I leave on Tuesday for Dallas then London then Portugal. In all I will be traveling for like 2 days or something crazy like that!! I am stoked! my whole district is traveling together except for 3 who are going to Brazil. But it is all good! I am so excited to get out of here and at the same time I am dreading it! I love the people here so much and saying goodbye is going to be so hard!! I wish that we could all just serve together for our whole missions! that would be awesome!!
So this week was also kind of sad. We had 2 people in the zone go home. Elder A and Sister E. Elder A was in a different district but I knew him pretty well and it was really sad to see him go. And sister E was one of my best friends here. She was one of the 4 sisters in my district. She was going to Cape Verde and She could convert anyone with her smile and beaming testimony. She had been really sick for like 2 weeks and eventually they had to send her home to get all better. But we are praying that she can come back out in a few months. She is so great and I love her so much!! I miss her like crazy too! We had a lot of fun together. So now I am in a trio with sister Niel-Dog and Haycock! It is really cool. We teach well together and we are really helping each other become who we need to be! I love it and I love them both so much!! I could not ask for better companions! I am so blessed!!
Today for Tuesday devotional there is a rumor that it is going to be a member of the 12 so we are all holding our breath for that! how cool would that be to have my last Tuesday dev. be a member of the 12!!! ahhhhh I will have to let you all know!
Sorry that this letter is kind of short. All my days are like mushed together here and I cannot even remember what has happened so if you have any questions ask them! Cause I struggle remember what I need to tell you all! But other than that I just want you all to know that I am so grateful for all you prayers and support! Thank you so much for helping me along as I go out and help others come unto Cristo! I am so blessed to have a family like you! I cannot thank you enough! Eu te amo familia!! por favor nunca parar amarido duez e eles igreja!!! Obrigado por todos tu fazes! I love you all!!!! keep being great and awesome and the coolest cats around!
OOOOOOHH one more funny thing... I laugh in my sleep. like what? ya everyone in my room heard me and they were all way freaked out by it and they are all like kinda freaked out by me. But lets be real if someone is going to laugh in their sleep it would be me. So props to Sister Bakker for yet again doing something that my comps are just a little weirded out by! hahah I love being here! it is great!
I have one more P day before I take off so I will write one last time using American computers haha how strange is that!? But ya starting next week all my pdays will be Monday!
Love you all!
Stay golden
and remember when in doubt just say as Sister Bakker says and Para Bems!
that strange child you once called Lys
Sister Bakker

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