Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Oh hey there NOT POVOA...‏

Sup Fam!

Magical things are happening here in Portugal, for starters I got transfered...again. Packed all my stuff up last night and this morning got on a train and went to Sete Rio from there I got on a bus and chilled on the bus for like 3 hours until I got to my new area! DRUM ROLL PLEASE....I am now in the beautiful city of Portomao! Which is in the algarve, or for all you folks who also dont know where that is, I am in the way way south. By the ocean! yay ocean! Yup leave it to me to have 3 areas in 3 transfers! My new companion is great her name is sister Baugh! She is a convert of 2 years from Virginia! She is super cool! We are going to have a blast together!

As far as my week went, well it was another GREAT week on the mission! I hit 4 months yesterday. That is kind of strange. I feel like it has been a lot less time than that and also a lot more time than that. Funny how it all works. Saying goodbye to Povoa was really sad I liked it there a lot! What was weird is that my comp stayed so she has 4 transfers there (6 months) and I had 1. Strange. Ohhh the mission! But this week we got to see Sandra get the gift of the Holy Ghost. Man that was so great!

Forest Gump said it best, "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your goin to get." This my friends I can testify is true. We did not know that the day we stopped Sandra on the street she would let us into her house. When I woke up yesterday morning I did not think that the next day I would be somewhere completely different. Life tends to throw you some pretty crazy stuff but man the great adventures that come from it all are totally worth it!

Love you!
Sister Bakker

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