Monday, February 9, 2015

2nd Happiest Place on Earth

A family in Povoa taht I loved, their daughter wants to serve a mission one day!

Lyssa and S Nelsen

Cool cliff light house look out in our area with S Baugh

Hello from the 2nd happiest place on earth (sorry nothing can take the place of Disneyland),

This week in Portimão was amazing! I love it here so much! The work is just like soooo ready to go I cannot even handle it! It is crazy I feel like I get home at night sad because we cannot stay out longer to talk to more people and when we wake up I cannot wait to study and then leave so that we can try to help more people! Man this week I have really really fallen in love with missionary work! I never ever want to stop! And this area! Man no joke it is like heaven on earth! Yes it is cold but it is so beautiful! We live like 5 mins from the beach! And we have like the most beautiful areas here! Ahhh I wish that you could all see what I get to see everyday here! It is so amazing!

So one thing about the Algarve that I love is that it is famous for oranges! We had to take a train the other day to zone meeting and the whole way was like orange fields! soooo cool! Also they taste like heaven like take the best orange you have ever had and times it by 10... ya it is that good.

Also at zone meeting I walked in and guess who I saw.... BEN DOXEY! Haha that was super weird! He is great! He goes home at the end of this transfer so Andrew you will have to look him up and talk to him he is super cool and told me to tell you all hi! Also that girl that Auddy knew and had me email, Sister Brundage is in my zone too. I LOVE HER! Man she is so great! I love my zone and my area so much! The Algarve is so great!

This is my little update for the week! I am doing great! I hope that you are all doing great too! Hope you are getting stoked to see Dani! Love you all!

My advice of the week comes from the best dad in the world, he told me to go to bed smiling and wake up smiling and do all you can during the day to keep that same smile! This is my advice for all you! Love you!

Sister Bakker!
Lyssa and S Brundage after Zone Meeting

Randomly there are 2 horses in a field in the middle of the city

Someone skinned 3 cats and had them hanging outside

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