Monday, February 23, 2015

EU FALO GATO. #blessing‏

Well Hello there yet again family!

This week in the land of the Algarve we saw something quit odd this week. There was one day when there were just the normal people. You know Artur in his usual spot and Gilbeto in his. The old lady in her window as usual and the normal crew was chillin at Continent (the grocery store). You know all the normal people. Then the next day something happened. The city... changed. All of a sudden there were lots of people that we did not know and we would try to talk to them and they did not know Portuguese. All these strange people had shorts and funny hats there were even the few with socks and sandals. Yes, you guessed it. Portimao has been taken over by tourists. It was amazing! No joke in one day it went from a dead everyone knows everyone city to wow there are so many strange people here! haha it was quite the scene!! I like it a lot, the tourists really stick out so we know who lives here and who doesn't.

Also this week we had dinner with the couple, the Hectors. He is from England and she is Portuguese and they had us over and we had the best food I have eaten yet on the mission I think! I don't know what it was but it was good! Also the same day we found a family that lives ON THE BEACH. yup so we now have a reason to go to that amazing beach at least once a week. My life is so hard. haha. But ya other than that there is not a lot to report! I love the mission and I love seeing the way people look at us when we try to speak to them in broken Portuguese about Christ! I love the work and I love this area and I love my companion!

My advise for the week comes from a personal experience. We were trying to get into this predio and this big old fat cat would not move so we could not open the door. Well I looked at my comp and in the little Portuguese I have I told her... Nao Problemo, Falo Gato. in English no problem I speak cat. So I looked at that big old cat and meowed my best at it to please move because we are missionaries and the people that lived there needed us. Well what do you know the big old cat got up and moved. So my advise to you all this week is to learn the sacred and ancient language of the cat. you never know when you might need it!

love you all! Sister Bakker OUT!

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