Monday, February 16, 2015

Today I took a selfie‏

A funny sign

the Beach!  Pria Da Rocha

I am so happy it is not even funny!

Sister Baugh

Well Hello there family!

This week on the mission! Man we saw some true miracles! I think that I worked harder in the last week than I have in my whole life! and I loved every moment of it! The mission is the best! Like everything that happens really just makes you so happy! All the bad stuff makes all the good stuff that much better so then when bad things happen it makes you happy because you understand that the good stuff really is just that good... It is very very strange how it works. But man I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK! Everyday here on the mission is a true blessing and I am so grateful to be here serving the people in Portimao! This week we didn't really do anything huge that should be reported but just know that every single day was like the best day of my life!

I don't know if I have told you about the storks here. But well there are these HUGE storks that makes these huge nests on top of like anything tall and skinny and pole like. They are really cool! I always half expect them to be carrying babies around to people here. Ok, sorry that was just some random info I thought you might like to know.

So one thing that I really learned this week is that obedience brings blessings. We made a goal this week to really be exactly obedient and man, ever single thing that we did this week was like 100000000000 times better than last week. I know that it really did come from being obedient! The lord really is with us when we do our part and when he knows that we are doing all we can! It is so great the promised blesssings that we can receive when we really do put in our all.

Wow Thursday Dani comes home! Man our family will only have 1 missionary again! That is crazy! These are the last 4 days that we will ever have 2 missionaries at the same time ever again! Man it has been such a great blessing to serve at the same time as Dani! She is a great missionary and I know that our family was truly blessed through her service in Ohio!

Well as always I love you all! My advise for the week is to brush your teeth. I have seen a whole lot of people here that have like 1 or 2 teeth or that are like totally nasty. So please do yourself a favor and brush your teeth every morning and night and I will do the same!
Love you all!!

Sister Bakker

p.s. We went to the beach today. Ya it is the most amazing thing in the whole world. Please refer to the pics and just know that they do not do it justice.... also I gave in and took selfies. I am so ashamed but I did what had to be done...

Shameless selfie... at least one of them

this is me saying OLA FAMILIA BAKKER

This is the moment I decided I am never leaving.

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