Monday, March 9, 2015

Water Polo Balls and Stray Animals

Hey there fam!

I am only going to say this once so listen very close. If you see a water polo ball on the road. LEAVE IT ALONE! Yes, we were walking down my 3rd favorite road in our area, Rua de Capo Verde, when I saw a water polo ball in a car. Well me being me I stopped to look at it just for a minute. Well while stopped looking into this car a cat walked up to us. Meowed a big old meow and then we watched as it threw up who knows what. Ya that was nasty. If only we had not stopped to look at a stupid little water polo ball we would have never seen this sad little balding cat throw up.

This week on the mission was great! We did not have time to work for all of Monday or half of Tuesday cuase we had to go to Lisbon for residency but we decided to set our goals the same as last week and even had some that were higher and we were able to meet almost all of them and we got really close with the rest. It really is so cool to see that when you really put your shoulder to the wheel and give your all the Lord that he will bless you. Even with less time that normal we were able to see great miracles this week!

If there is anything that I have learned this transfer it is that sometimes things get really really hard but in the end it is all worth it. We have trials for a reason. Our Heavenly Father knows what we can handle and He knows what it is that we need to grow and to become better. These last 6 weeks have really taught me a lot! I am so grateful for the things that Sister Baugh has taught me and for this area! I love the mission and I love our Heavenly Father! We really are so blessed! I love you all! Thank you for all the love and support!

Stay away from stray animals please, Good things never come from them. Love always

Sister Bakker

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