Monday, March 16, 2015

What to Expect When You Are Expecting

IT IS A GIRL!!!!!! yes folks I am going to be a mom here on the mission! I am getting a brand new missionary this week and I will be training her in the ancient art of missionary work! I am so excited!! And I am finally staying in an area! yay!! I love Portimão so much and I am so excited to have a brand new missionary here with me! This transfer is going to bring SO many miracles I cannot wait. So right now I am in Faro with Sister Jumua from Mozambique. We are waiting to pick up her new comp from the bus and guess who her new comp is... SISTER CULLIMORE! My 2nd trainer! Wahoo! I am so stoked to talk to her and see how things were in Povóa when she left! So ya I will be here with them in a triple for 3 days then Thursday morning like mesmo morning I am going to Lisbon to pick up SISTER STEAGULL! I have no idea anything about her yet just her name so stay tuned next week to find out more!

This week though we had a great week! It was so cool! We are still teaching that family and they are really receiving the gospel well! I love there kids, Ariana and Eddie! They are so awesome Arianan always wants us to play with her and not talk about chruch stuff. She always says "just really quick lets play" haha I love that family! Also we found this way awesome lady named Elidia! She is from Argentina! She is so great and she loves having us over for tea and to talk about the church! She is super great and I think she has lots of potential! I love the people here so much! It like makes my heart hurt even thinking about ever leaving! Good thing I have at least 6 more weeks here and probably more! YAY!!!! I love seeing the miracles on the mission! This week we did a mission fast and prayed for lots of things very specifically. The next day we taught more lessons and had more plans work out then I have had on my mission so far! It was so amazing! I love it so much when we can see the Lords hand in our lives!

My advise from the week comes from the beloved Sister Baugh! Last night in her frantic packing night mare she looked at me, eyes spinning and hands in the air and goes, "WHY MUST I HORD THINGS?" So my dear sweet friends and family please do not keep things that should not be kept. It makes life much easier in the long run! I love Sister Baugh so much! She really did teach me so much about being a missionary. I will miss her and the funny things that she would say all the time!

Fica Bem Y'all!
Love you!
Sister Bakker!
Some awesome sisters serving in the Algarve Zone. Left to right they are sisters Jumua, Lybbert, Brundage, Hillam, Bakker, Baugh, and Sister Jeffers in front.

S Bakker and the Stucki's

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