Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Aliens are Coming

Missionaries serving in the Algarve Zone

Preparation day at Ponto de Piedade

It's segunda-feira again!

Wow time really does fly when you are having fun! This week on the mission was great! We worked so hard and got a ton of new people to teach including a family!!! yay!!! They are so cool! They are from Capo Verde! After the first lesson we asked them if they would be baptized and the dad looked at us with what I am convinced were tears, the spirit booming through the room, and said, "what do I need to do to prepare?" Man it really is moments like that that make all the hard times and all the crazy moments worth it! That family is such a blessing and I love them so much!

This week I also taught my first gypsy! that was quit the experience. He was a little crazy but he came to church and listened to the first lesson very closely and told us that he would read the Book of Mormon, then today we were on the train coming back to our area from Ponto do Piedade and he called us. and goes "hello missionaries, I read the book and I want to be baptized." he is really funny and I don't think he really understands why he wants to be baptized but none the less we gave him to the elders and who knows maybe he will leave his life behind and really be baptized here in a year.

This week really was another great week on the mission! Everyday that I am here I love it even more and never want to leave. I am so so grateful for this opportunity to be on a mission serving my Heavenly Father. I know with all my heart that the really is the true church restored to the earth today and that Joseph Smith really did see God the Father and His son Jesus Cristo. I love this gospel and I love all of you!

My advise this week comes from a man that we met from Bulgaria, "one day all the aliens will leave the earth and the wars will stop. but until then we all need to be really good people so that they don't have any power over our heads." Well there may not be aliens here but it is true that we all need to be really really good people everyday and always doing what is right so that the devil has no power over us. Love you all!

Sister Bakker!

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