Friday, June 12, 2015

That's it, I'm not going....Alright, I'll go....

I think that the Grinch really said it best when it comes to this transfer... "That's it, I'm not going... Alright I'll go, but I will be fashionably late." Sadly I had to say good bye to Portimao yesterday and hello to my new/old area! POVOA!

This week is a week of changes. Sister Steagall finished her training! yay! It was so great to train her! I love her so much! She is no joke so incredible! So last night we got transfer calls. Yup I left my beloved home in Portimão and I am back in Povoa! wahoo round 2!! I am so excited to be here! I am serving as a sister training leader here with Sister Mendes! She is 22 from Capo Verde! I can already tell that we are going to have way too much fun! I am so excited! This is going to be a transfer of miracles for sure!!! I cannot wait to get to work here!

Sadly Ana and Antonio ended up not getting baptized. They really struggled after their wedding with some little things that were scaring them about the church. It was really really sad to say good bye to them. But I know that they will get baptized soon! I love them so much and I am forever grateful for all that they taught me and the change I got to see in them!

I am so excited to be here! I love the mission so much! I love life so much on the mission and in general! life is just so good! ahhh I am loving it!

Sending you all my love from here in good old Povoa!

Love always
Sister Bakker!

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