Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mission (NOT) Impossible

So I have decided that mission life is like being a spy. I feel like 007 but I would be 009 my comp is 008 and of course James Bond can be 007 and my comp is always slightly better than me so she can be 008. I am chill with 009. No one beats James Bond. But really think about it. We have a president who can call us at any point and tell us we need to be half way across the country in like 4 hours and he gives us all assignments. Also no one knows our true identity. Like first name what is that? We totally have official badges that we wear at ALL times. Also when someone is missing we know freakishly well how to find them in just a matter of a few days. No joke we are secret agents here NO BIG DEAL!!!!!!

So this week was really cool we are teaching this couple right now that is no joke Ana and Antonio in like 10 years. They literally have the same story! Their names are Fatima and Lopes. I love them so much!!

We had transfers this week. What the? Where is the time going?! Sadly sister Mendes left. I am still here in Póvoa! I am now with Sister Alexander! SHE IS SO COOL!! She is 23 and from the beautiful land of Canada! BUT plot twist her partents are from El Salvador! who saw that one coming?! not me that is for sure! I feel so cultured now a days. Capo Verdo, Canada, and El Salvador! It's like I don't even know what America is any more!! WAHOOOOO!!

I hope you all know how much I love you! I am really grateful for all the support coming from home! You all mean a lot to me! Thank you so much for all you do for me! I hope that you guys all have a great week and that you always remember to watch where you step cause stepping in doggy poop is the worst! Love you all!

Agent 009
(Sister Bakker)

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