Monday, August 17, 2015

Rapping in the Road

So this week was so great!! Sister Alexander and I are loving life here! She is so cool! We are two peas in a pod! We are so excited about this transfer!!! This week was one of miracles for sure!! Every time I blinked it felt like another miracle was hitting us in the face! It was awesome! We would get home every night, plan and then like literally die of tiredness. IT IS SO GREAT!!! We are getting stoked to do our divisions this transfer again! We are going to divisions with all the same sisters and all the same areas so that is going to be cool! I am really really excited!

So I will tell you all a story now. We were walking with this guy and teaching with him. He is really big and really black and we call him gui. well he is like our body guard. So we are walking down this road and he goes "someone give me a beat I am going to rap now." and then Sister and I start giving him our best white girl beat box we have and he goes "yo, just walkin down the street, feeling the spirt, yaaa." hahahahaha and all in English!! It was the funnest thing I think I have ever seen on my mission! It was so awesome! haha

I like don't even have words for how much fun I am having and how strong I am feeling the spirit here! Time is really flying by! I cannot believe that I am in my 7th transfer now. like what the heck!?!?! I got called old the other day. That was really sad. Never thought that I would be seen as an old person on the mission! Good thing that in my brain I am never going home so ya take that all these people that are sayin that 10 months is old. VIDA BOA!!!

Well I don't really have a lot to say this week! stay cool world! love you all!

Sister Bakker!

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