Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mission Split & Hump Day!

Waffles for S Mendes one year mark!

Divisions with S Cullimore

Lunch at the Patriarch's home.
Hey there family! mais uma vez Sister Bakker is sending y'all a letter!

This week was great! I got to do a division with sister Cullimore! My trainer and we actually stayed in Povoa so it was just like old times! It was really really cool! It was such a cool blessing to get to serve with her and see the changes in both of us! This week we saw so many great things happen! I love the mission so much! This week I was feeling very very african. And so I decided to bring out my white side a little and so we had American day. I made chicken fingers and fries. For dinner and for breakfast we ate waffles. It was awesome! It was awesome! my comp was so confused when I tried to explain why it was called a chicken finger. Ya translate that into Portuguese (dedo do pé de frango) she was not super stoked about eating it. Haha it was pretty funny! I just kept telling her, "confia em mim! vais gostar!" and she was all like "uhhh sister es uma loca!" ohh good times on the mission! I really really love sister mendes! We party hard here in Póvoa!

So tomorrow we are off the the Açores! I am so exicted! We are going to be with the sister in Angra for a day and then the sisters in Ponta del Gada! I am stoked! I will take pics don't worry I rock the Island life!

Vida Boa here in Portugal! Our new President gets here this week. I am really exicted and nervous and I like don't want to say good bye to President Fluckiger but also I want to meet President Tavares so bad! I am having mixed feelings right now. Its complicated... But it will be cool! The mission is 100% split as of the first of July 1st. which is also my Hump Day. Wow big week here in the Portugal Lisbon mission! Lots is happening! Wish us luck!!

So I will end with a little advise. If you are scared of snakes don't walk through big fields at night time. Last night we were late getting home. Well the fastest way is on this big long road with 2 big hugs fields on both sides. So we are literally running on this pitch black road when one of the street lights turns on and there is a big old (dead) snake in the road! My comp almost died! She is like super mega scared of snakes haha. I played around with it a little and freaked her out a little more and then we carried on. But ya my advise for all of you. Avoid dark roads during snake season. you never know what is wait for you there!

Love you all! The Chruch is true! Fica bem! Fica firm na igreja e sempre lembrar que Deus esta em nossa lado quando precisamos um amigo! Eu amo esta igreja e eu amo meu Salvador! Eu sei que esta obra é o obra do Senhor!

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