Tuesday, November 3, 2015

There's a Raccoon in the House!!!

Hey there!

Well another week has come and gone and I am still here in Portugal! LOVING IT!!! Halloween was cool! They don't really do anything big here. They had some decorations in some stores and some kids dressed up. But nothing too big. They do trick or treating on the fisrt here from 9-12 in the morning cause at night it is too dangerous. Me and my comp totally got pastries to celebrate and we dressed up. duh. She was an Indian (Pocahontas) and I was a raccoon (Miko her pet). It was really really funny! I will send pics!

district meeting

This week was crazy! So many things happened! We marked Mariano for baptism and he will be baptized this Saturday! wahoo! He is actually really cool. He is going through a hard time right now but he said that he has already starting seeing his life change for the better since we stopped to talk to him. This week was cool, he was talking to us and asked us why we decided to talk to him of all people. We answered that really we talk to everyone and that he seemed like he needed this message. He was so happy and grateful! He is really funny and always is like "ahhh Sisters voces sempre sabem!" what we know we don't really know but he thinks we know everything! He is going to get a house this week... we think. So ya that is great!

Yesterday was Dia Das Almas (it is like Portugal Memorial Day) so we did a mission thing where we all went to the local cemeteries to talk to people about the plan of salvation. There were 6 of us in one TINY cemetery. It was kind of awkward. We started to sing hymns and the elders talked to everyone. It was actually really cool and spiritual. A little old lady walked past with tears in her eyes and just said "obrigada". It was really cool! Kind of weird but cool! It was pouring rain and we were cold and wet and just loving it!

Love you all! Hope you had a spooky Halloween!!!
Sister Bakker

division in Torres Vedras ( with sister Doman and Sister Baugh)

Halloween lunch at S F's. Her son closest to the camera is preparing for a mission!

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