Monday, November 30, 2015


Our pumpkin pie!


S Barron cut my hair
So this week was cool! for Thanksgiving we made a pumpkin pie! and it was dang good! like I was shocked! We had to first find a pumpkin and we looked like dummies going to all the fruit placing going "vocĂȘs vendem abobara?" ya we got some funny looks. Well we found one finally and so we took it home and cooked it and then turned it into mush and the next thing I know we are eating a pie!! It was awesome! haha!!! I will send pics! Also we ate Pizza Hut and wore red white and blue. American though and through!

Also last night we were teaching our awesome little 15 year old Lili with our bishop when my comp grabs something off the top of my head and I see her squish something in her fingers. Well we did this all very sneaky and no one saw and I just look at her and go "piolhos?" and she just nods her head. So ya that is right I got lice... ewwwwww!!! Worst thing ever! I am washing all my stuff and treating my hair! ahhh but we only found one so we think that we found it right at the start and that I don't have more! And she doesn't have any so I think we are going to be ok! Eww just typing this and my head is itching! gross!

Also next week is the first stone of the temple!!! wahoo!! I am so excited!! Everyone is freaking out! I am stoked! Portugal is finally going to have a temple! yes!!!!

Our Christmas tree named "Charlie Brown"
Well that is about it for the week! Love you all! Have a killer semana! Hope that you all stay lice free and happy!

Com amor,
Sister Alyssa Bakker!

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