Monday, August 17, 2015

Scooby Doo Where Are You?


Welp here we are yet again! This week was sooo cool! We went to the Açores! So ya that was sweet! We rocked the island life! Loved it so much! I forgot my camera but I will send pics next week! I love doing divisions with the sisters! It is so cool.

So a lot of people have asked about our investigators. Well We are teaching a few cool people right now. Hugo, he is a 17 year old kid looking for the truth. He is super cool. Also we are teaching this black guy names Carlos. He is like my cool black friend ya know. Haha he is like 18 and has a ton of faith. We are really excited for him! Also we found this lady on saturday named Ester! SHE IS SOOOO COOL!!! she took like an hour long train ride to get to church yesterday and she loved it! She is amazing! Also we just had a new young woman move to the ward so that is so exciting! we needed it! we have 3 now!!! wahoo!!!

So this week while on our division in Angra Sister Alexander and I got a really really important phone call and had to no joke RUN home to take it. So we are running at light speed and had to run up all these stairs to get to the sister apartment there. Well the blessed Sister Alexander was running with ice cream in one hand and a bag of stuff in the other and she totally missed the step and fell super bad. Hahahahaha I am literally laughing while writing this. So anyway she falls and is laying on the ground in spilled ice cream and just looks up and me and laughs and like half cries and goes "owwww" and I just look at her and try not to laugh cause I did not know if she was like REAL hurt or not so I was good and held it back. When I saw she was ok I totally lost it. Then it got worse when she turns over on her knees laughing her little head off and goes "I AM PEEING AND I CANNOT STOP!!!!" hAHAHAHAHAHAHA I died! so I helped her up and she went inside and I just stood there and looked at the mess she made and walked away calmly. She got all cleaned up and I made our phone call. In the end it was all ok! hahaha I LOVE HER!! Her peeing the pants tally is now up to 3 with me! She is going strong!
The sisters have decided that we are shaggy and scooby from scooby doo so ya we are SOOOO COOOOLLLL!! We may have even bought scooby doo shaped noodles this week.
Well that was our week!

Here is my advise of the week, Before you start running please use the bathroom first. Also running with ice cream is like running with scissors. JUST DON'T DO IT!

Love you all!

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