Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Roaring 20's

Scooby Doo Pasta
Hey there folks! Well today in celebration of Sister Alexanders 1 year mark on the mission we are going to the zoo in Lisboa! I am stoked! Like I have been looking forward to this all transfer! ahhhh!!! haha we may be celebrating one other small thing too, but I am in denial demais so ya... I will be 19 years for ever... So sorry for the short message this week I am just too excited to get to the zoo!!!

Thanks for all the bday wishes and all you do for me! I love you guys so much! As I enter into what I like to call my roaring 20´s I am really grateful to have a family like you guys to show me really how to live life to the fullest!! Thanks!!

Love you! Oooh and my advise for the week! If you find a fig tree on the side of the road, don't let the moment pass you by, pause, and eat a fig dang it!!! We did that a few times this week and I am pretty sure I am going to go down in history as that one sister who loves figos.

Boa semana!
Sister Bakker!

fig picking

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