Monday, August 17, 2015

Just Walking my Goats!

So another week has come and gone! This week was really cool. I got to do yet another division with me trainer Sister Cullimore. So ya that brings us to 8 weeks as comps and 3 divisions. That has to be like a mission record. But I like really really love her so it is all good with me! She goes home on the 24th so that will be sad to see her go. Man time flies! This week was cool! We met a lot of really cool people! And everyone here loves that Sister Alexander are a team. We no joke are the same person. It is like seeing 2 of us walk around the streets of Portugal now. I LOVE IT!!! Haha she is really really great!

So I have 2 stories to share this week. The first comes from the beloved Sister Alexander. We were making our VERY long treck from our area to the chapel when she looks at me and goes "if your bladder fills up to 500 mL you lose contol and cant help but peeing your pants" she then goes "I am at like a 490" So I just start laughing and I look around at the empty field to our right and say "I can try and give you some cover over there in that feild." she was not amused. She was going to make it to the chapel! so we get there and she is like full on running. We get in side and the bathroom is upstairs. So she is just running up these stairs, trips, falls and starts laughing and goes "OH NO ITS HAPPENING!!" Haha and there she was on the floor peeing her pants. She hit 500 folks. poor thing! and even worse I just sat there and laughed at her!

Story number 2. We were sitting on this bench and this nice old man walks by. Gave us a very nice "ola Boa tarde" and just kept on going. Then a few minuets later he came back. And this time he had 2 goats with him. They were really cute and he just walks on by like "hey there meninas don't mind me I`m just walking my goats here" haha it was so awesome. We petted them and loved them and secretly named them Bakker and Alexander. ok ok the first story was better but I hope you liked both.

That is just a small taste of me life right now! Everything here is great! I love it here so much! We are off to the A├žores tomorrow to do divisions with the sister there for 3 days! Wish us luck! Love you all! Hope all is well with you!

Beijinhos (little kisses)
Sister Bakker
Random festival in the street
S Bakker & S Cullimore

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