Monday, September 14, 2015


So yesterday our amazing wonderful! Tereza was baptised!! It was soo great and the spirit was soo strong! Her son Aguinaldo did the baptism and it was amazing! they are soo cool! It was soo great to see her make the choice to be baptized and to become a member of the church! Man, she is just the coolest!!!!

Not too much happened this week besides that! So seeing as I have like 0 time because I get so distracted by pics and stuff during email I will just write you this short letter and tell you that I love you! Ohh also you have to hear this. The sisters in Vila Franca had a stalker and it was pretty bad so ya now they are at our house because we are their STLs. So now we are in a 4 sister house for the next week and we will have to see what happens from there. It is going to be interesting for sure. But it is all good!

My advise for the week is that if you are helping someone with baptimsal clothes and they are large and have dark colored skin, don't give them a dress with no slip. It turns out bad after they get dunked. sooo ya keep that in mind.

AMO VOCÊS!! FICA BEM E ATÉ A PRÓXIMA SE DEUS QUISER! (ele quer, ele sempre quer!)

Sister Alyssa Nicole (Mc Fadden) Bakker
(that was for you dad)

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  1. awsome im on a blog, by the way she now has a calling. hope eveything is ok. Im in london now to work. they say figs are great here