Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Week For the Books

I am soo glad that you met the Crossmans! They are the best! I loved them so much and they helped me out so much on my mission! I love them like my mission parents no joke! They are so great! I was with them like 3 weeks ago! haha that is weird that they are home now! wow!

Typical day here. We talk to like EVERYONE! So we do a ton of street contacts and then everyone here lives in an apartment building (predios are what we call them) and so to knock doors we just find the ones that are unlocked and go on it and start on the top and go down. Or we touch the door bells down below and wait for people to answer and let us in. So we do a ton of contacts everyday and then a few thrown in set appointments during the day if we are lucky. Ususally we have like 2 or 3 every day but sometimes we luck out and have a full day! That has only happened I think one time on my mission though!

ok so this week was one for the books!!
just a classic sister missionary classic

Monday- I fed a giraffe at the zoo. nothing beats that.

Tuesday-ya... that is a story for another day...

Wednesday- we were super prompted by the spirit to go knock some really strange doors and as we were a huge family came out and got so excited to see us and it turns out they are long lost members. Well long story short we are now teaching a part member family!

Thursday-we had lunch with a member and she is like no joke crazy but then again I am no joke crazy and so together it is just a mess. Well long story short she has informed me that when I get married she will be warning my future husband about what he is getting himself into with me... ya.

Friday-was normal.

Saturday- WE GOT FED 2 MEALS IN ONE DAY!!!! that may not sound that cool, but we are usually lucky if we get one like for the whole transfer. 2 in one day is like unheard of! and I ate a chicken foot. I hated it.


So ya that was my week it was awesome!! I love the mission life is good! You guys are all still on my you are cool list! Love you all! Have a (in the words of Tony the Tiger) GREEEEAAATT week!

I found a stick
sister bakker

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