Monday, September 28, 2015

One Year Mark

Hey there!!

So this week was killer! We totally crushed it! There is not too much to report but it was really fun! We got to do a division in Benfica and I got to serve with my old comp Sister Baugh! That was really fun! Also I have been told that I will make my year mark this week. I am in denial.

We had interviews this week. That was funny. Our mission president’s wife is really funny. She informed me that I needed to learn how to do my hair better cause it looks dead. And she told sister A that she had to learn to cook or else her future is in jeopardy. Thanks sister Tavares. We went home feeling great! But really though it was really funny! I love talking to her in her Brazilian accent and seeing her run around the office like a crazy person!

This week we are going to the island so wish us luck!

Love you all! have a great week and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!


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