Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Thanks Pai Celestial!!‏


So this week was one for the books!! We had one hard day after another after another. We hit the road so hard this week and NO ONE wanted to talk to us. It was really really sad. So one day we were praying for a miracle and we went to see this lady who I started teaching all the way back in my second transfer in January. She is Muslim and has told the sisters for 8 months that she will never pray in the name of Chirst. Well, last week, when we said that it was possible that I could leave she got really sad and was like "wait you guys always say that God answers prayers so I will pray and you will stay." Sister Alexander and I just looked at each other like ohhh crap because we both thought that I would be leaving Póvoa. Well she says the most heart felt prayer I have ever heard her say and in the end she said "em nome de teu filho, amen". I cried. The spirit was so strong and for the first time she really really felt the spirit. She finally did it. well that night we got the call and I STAYED. We died. We knew that khero (our investigator) would be so excited and know that God answered her prayer. So this week, after our crazy hard week, we went to see her and show her that I stayed. When she saw me she ran and gave me a HUGE hug and kiss right now the neck. Well it was a very bitter sweet moment. She was drunk as a skunk and we could tell, but then she got all teary eyed and was like wow prayer really does work when you pray in the name of Chirst! So that was cool but sad cause she was not all there. So we finished our "lesson" with her and we went and sat down. 

We were really really sad. And we knew that we had to do something because nothing was happening. So we are sitting in the road and we both almost at the same time go "we need to fast" so right then and there we say a prayer and ask for the help we need and start a fast. Well the next day one of our investigators of over 1 year who has been taught by like 12 missionarys elder and sisters everyone! she always has said that she is not ready still. well, she comes up to us and she says "I prayed about the date that you wanted me to pray about and I will be baptized that day." we were both so shocked. It was the biggest blind side of all time! Her name is T and she is going to enter the waters of baptism this Sunday. Finally. There are no words to explain what a miracle this was. No one saw it coming. NO ONE! It was soo amazing. 

I know that God has a time for everything. He loves his children. I know that everyone of us is a child of someone much greater than we are.

I love this mission so much. I know sometimes it is the the trail of our faith that God blesses us the most and that he prepares a way for his children to receive ethernal life. I love this church so much and I know that it is true. I love you guys! Thanks for everything that you do for me!

Hope you have a great week and rememeber to always smile cause when you cant go anymore a simple smile goes a long way!

love always,
sister bakker

ps sorry no pics this week

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