Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Our Bishop and his Family
Carlos baptism

Pday Sintra Swag

Hey there fam! so I don't have a ton of time but this week was great!! We had another baptism! This is his story...I was studying and preparing to help this guy get baptized and one thing that I realized is that we do nothing. Literally nothing. The only thing that we can do is prepare to the best of our abilities and then the Lord does the rest. We made a great lesson plan to help this guy get an answer about the church. He has been investigating and coming since August. Then everything went crazy. we got to the compromisso and he brought his wife and that was the first time we were meeting her so we were like crap scratch the plan!! Then we were talking to him and he was like so this week after I get the holy ghost I want to read a talk I wrote. and we were like what? and he goes "ya last night at 4 am I got an answer and I was so excited and did not want to forget it and I wrote it all down and I want all of Gods sheep here in Mem Martins to hear it." (this guys name is Carlos) But we were shocked! So we were like ok LETS GET HIM IN THE WATER! We taught him the 5th lesson about temples and all that jazz! and marked him for Saturday. God does amazing things! He was baptized FINALLY on Saturday and got the Holy Ghost Sunday and he is doing great! I love the Lord. We were not prepared for what we ended up teaching but because we did our part in the beginning and then followed the spirit the Lord did the rest!

Mariano is also doing great! He got the Priesthood on Sunday! WAHOO!!! Life is great love you all!

Love sister Bakker

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