Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mariano Mari Mari Mariano!‏


Well I am not sure how but another week has come and gone on the mission. Man time really does go so fast! This week was so crazy! We had mission council and Zone meeting so we were like not in our area at all this week but it was ok! Heavenly father blessed us so much!

So this week Mariano got baptized! One day about 3 weeks ago we had like 20 mins before we had to go home and no one to go see. So we decided to just talk to some people in the road. Well at 9 in Mem Martins there are not that many people. Well we see this man leaning against a wall and we look at each other and are like "vamos lá!" so we go over and talk to him. He was nice and gave us his phone number but did not really seem that interested. Well we call him the next day and set up an appointment with him. Well he actually came!! We invited him to think about baptism in the first lesson and to come to church. Well Sunday he comes. Then next week we saw him pretty much ever day and marked him for the 7th. In 2 days he quit drinking coffee and smoking. He got a job. He got an interview or something like that to get a house and he said that he had more energy and happiness. WOW!! So we kept working with him and as the day gets closer to his baptism he just gets more and more excited! Well Saturday comes and he comes and is just stoked. He gets baptized and right after he talks to the bishop about getting the priesthood! The next day at church he had a white shirt and tie (for the first time) and new shoes! And he got the Holy Ghost. He was no joke glowing. It was so amazing to see the change in him! He is so wonderful and doing so great! WAHOO Mariano! he tells us all the time that he is like our guardian angel and that he watches over us so that we can help more people that we helped him. SO amazing!

I am so happy to be out here! I love my mission so much and I know that the church is true!
love you all!

oooh also this week we decided that if I was a rapper my name would be Lil Sis. And yes I have been writing so sweet Portuguese raps about the mission so ya be ready for that when I get home. Swag.

lil sis, OUT!

paz e amor

the baptism (the sisters in mafra also had a baptism)

dinner with R family (some ward members)

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