Monday, February 8, 2016

Holy Toes!

Hey Guys!

So this week was a good one! Ihita is doing great! She is going to give a talk in church in 2 weeks so I am excited for that! I think that I am going to have to translate it all but that is ok! This week we went to Benefica for our zone conference. That was cool! Presidente Tavares had lots of good stuff to tell us this week! I love being with them! We also had interviews. Don’t worry I passed. My comp is doing great. It kinda of scares me a little, we are like the same person. Her humor is so dry and she is so French that everything that she says is that much funnier. We are getting along pretty good over here!

Today we went to Sintra and I got to see my recent convert Mariano! That was so great! He is doing good and he is dating a member now. We went with the sisters and the APs and 3 members to the place where Presidente Monson dedicated Portugal! It was really cool! Totally worth it!

My advice for the week comes from my shoes. If your shoes are falling apart just sow them back together. But don’t do it on the outside. The members will make fun of you and tell you to buy new ones. You have to put the patch on the inside then no one will notice! Just a tip for all you future missionaries out there! Or just buy new shoes. But that is complicated. My comp saw the hole in my shoes and she yells HOLY TOES! hahaha good times with my frenchy! got to love her!

Love you all! Fica bem. Eu amo vocês e estou animada para vocês aqui em breve! via ser bui de fixe (como eles dizem aqui)!!! Espero uma boa semana por todos ! Eu sei que Igreja é verdadeira e sei que Cristo é nosso salvador! Obrigada por tudo que fazem para mim!! também é fixe que posso escrever qualquer coisa aqui e a maioria de vocês não vou perceber nada. Fica bem!

com muito amor,

Sister Bakker

I made sweet rice!  Mariano taught me how

The plaque where Pres Monson dedicated Portugal

The sisters who went to the dedicatory site

all of us who went to the site

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