Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Beginning of the End

Well it happened. One more transfer has come and gone. I received news last night at 22h28 (11:28 p.m. for all you who don’t read time like I read time now) that I will be staying here in Odivelas with Sister Vanaquer! WAHOOO we could not be happier. I felt like we won 6 bajillion euros when they told us the news. We were very happy to stay together. So as of today I have started my last transfer. It really is the begging of the end.

This week was a good one! We are teaching this cool lady named Marisa! She is marked for baptism on the 27th. We may have a small problem though because she is not married... hmmmm well maybe we will also be having a wedding. We will see! This week we also continued to teach Ihita. She is doing great! She does not speak any Portuguese but every day she goes out of her shop at the bus stop that is just in front and she gives our cards to people and makes a phone with her hand and makes the ´call this number´ sign. She is the best and she has a Book of Mormon in her shop in Portuguese with a message from us in it and it has our number. We gave it to her because she was like "what if someone comes in and wants to know more after I give them your card?" She is so excited to be a missionary! Even though she cannot talk to the people she is doing her part! She is amazing! haha and this week she told us that people are buying tickets to go to Mars (don’t know if that is true or not) and that we need to put a church on mars because then all the people on Mars can be part of the Mormon family. She like freaks out and gets really stressed when she thinks about how many people we need to help still to find the church. Like no joke I think just by her faith alone all of Odivelas will be baptized. She is something else. Also this week she is going to go with a member that speaks English and she is going to start doing her family history. She is so excited to help her family that has passed away to be part of the Mormon family too!

This week we also had a very cool conference with President Dyches of the 70. He came and did a mission tour here and so I got to go to 2 conferences with him this last week. It was really cool and I learned a lot. One of the days was just for the leaders in the mission. So I had to leave my greeny behind. So what they had us do was that me and Sister Vanaquer slept in Povoa and then me and Sister Donahoo went to the meeting and we left out babies behind. But the cool part was that we got to go to the family night they have in Povoa and I got to see my recent converts and some members that I miss and love so much! It was so amazing and really was a huge blessing. God really does love all of us a lot.

So my advise for you all this week is that if you buy tickets to go to Mars make sure that when you get there you guys start the church. Ihita will be very very happy. Love you all! thanks for all your love and support!

Sister Bakker!

My Povoa peeps!

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