Monday, February 22, 2016

When it Rains Wait for the Sun

Well here I am again. Writing you all back home. I feel like I did this yesterday! But this week I actually have things to say!

So we are teaching this lady named Marisa and she is really loving the lessons and church and everything and wants to be baptized! Well the problem is that she is not married. So we are now helping her get married! Wahoo! And we are also teaching her son Bruno who is going to be baptized this Sunday! We are really excited for him! And excited for this family. We are now praying that the dad, Manuel, will have his heart touched and be willing to talk to us too! We could baptize them all as a family! That would be amazing!

Also this week Sister Vanaquer’s almost mother and father-in-law came to see her and take us to lunch! turns out I don’t understand French at all. haha well a few words here and there. But it was cool to meet them and to hear Sister Vanaquer really speak French to people. It was cool! They are really nice.

This week it also poured rain! EVERYDAY it was pouring! haha but that is ok we have good coats and one umbrella so we were ok! We survived. One day it even hailed! We were walking up this huge hill and it started raining so we keep going and it starts raining really really really hard. So we keep going. And then it starts hailing. So we ran and hid under a bus stop for a few minuets. It was awesome! I think it was the first time that I have seen hail since I have been in Portugal! I actually really loved it! Also the same day we talked to a guy in the road and he was really really weird. He asked me to marry him. My comp didn’t really understand why I got all mad and walked away with out leaving our card. I told her after what he said and she got all red and was like "lets go back and give him a punch in the face!" haha she is the best! I love her so much!

The mission life is the life for me! I love it here so much! And my only advise for you all this week is the just keep going cause even sometimes it rains there are always sunny days ahead!

Love you all! Ficam felizes e ficam fixe!!!
Sister Bakker

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