Monday, February 1, 2016

What is Ghost?

Hey there family!

So my life is pretty same old same old. This week we taught Ihita more. She was so excited to get the Holy Ghost but she got scared that it was an actual ghost that would like haunt her or something. So one day during the lesson she is like "sisters can I ask you anything?" and we are like "yes" and she is like "What is ghost? If I do bad does ghost do bad too? Will he be mean to me?" and we are just like ohhh Ihita and so we explained it to her again and she got all excited and was like "HOW MANY DAYS UNTIL SUNDAY? I NEED HOLY GHOST NOW!!" haha she is the best! I love her broken English! I feel almost like I am speaking another language with her and Sister Vanaquer cause they both don’t speak Enlish like super, super, super well so I have to do translations in my head and speak really slow and use small words. I love them!

I love my area here! It is pretty cool! We don’t have tons of cool stuff as far as like cool Portugal stuff but the people here are just the best! And it has been so long since sisters have been here that the members love us like crazy!

Thanks for all you guys do for me! love you all tons! Tenham uma boa semana!

com amor,
lunch at a brazilian place with irmã luciane
sister bakker

lunch with irmã elizabet

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